Why Fulltimejobs.com?

Because we make it easy to find an eligible candidate for you!!

Free Sign up:

Signing up at au.fulltimejobs.com site is absolutely free as there is no yearly membership fee for clients.

Easy Signup Process:

Requiring information, such as your email, contact name and physical address of your company as a quick sign up process and letting you post jobs for free as soon as we can verify your information.

Free Resume Search:

We allow free resume search for all the clients. There are no charges and or hidden fees for Resume searches. (Limited Time Offer)

Email Alerts:

Once you have posted a job, our systems proactively monitors activities such as the amount of hits on the postings as well as number of candidates applied for the posting.

Every time a jobseeker views the details of your job posting, we send you an email alert, only if you have chosen to get email alerts for that posting.

Every time a jobseeker applies to your postings, we send you an email alert, informing you of the event. This saves you time from logging onto our site, checking whether someone has applied to your posting.

Suspend/ Reactivation of Posted Job:

times situations arise, where there is a hold on a job position, and you like to temporarily suspend advertising a job, we have provided an option to suspend a job posting within the duration of the expiry date, with just one click. When the time comes and hiring for the position resumes. You can click reactivate and the posting with just a couple of clicks will become active.

Hot Job Posting:

If there is an urgent need to immediately fill a position. We have implemented a feature called "Make Hot", with one click of this button; it will start showing the job posting on the home page window called "Hot Openings". To provide greater exposure to the job you can flag the posting with multiple stars designating priority ranking for filling this position.

Chat Function:

This feature facilitates recruiters to chat with the jobseekers. When recruiters are logged on to their profile they can choose to show their status as "Online", any time a jobseeker comes upon a posting and looks at the details of the job posting him or she will see you online. However he can only chat with you if he has also logged on the site and has applied to your job posting. At this time the recruiter and jobseekers both can see each other and will be able to chat, only if the recruiter chooses to show his or her status as "Online". We provide this option to enhance the recruiter's selectivity of a candidate by chatting with the potential candidate and asking him questions.

Online Support:

We provide online support for our recruiters, any time you're in need of assistance; you can send us questions using the feedback link on the top of home page or click on support icon on top right hand corner, where a live support person is waiting for your help request.

A jobseeker can find your job postings as follows:

Surf for Jobs:

Can surf for openings by company name or by Industry

  • Surfing for opening by locations, where one can see all the jobs listed at a particular location

    Power Search:

    Esxtensive tools that let jobseekers find a job efficiently and intuitively

    Quick Apply:

    Lets Jobseekers search a job and apply for that job with just few clicks without any requirement of registration on au.fulltimejobs.com

    Jobs by Email:

    This feature allows jobseeker to set alert criteria's, Therefore when a job is posted that matches a registered jobseekers criteria, our systems alerts the jobseeker for a matching job via e-mail.

    Audio/Video Profile:

    Our site allows Jobseekers to post audio/video profiles along with a hardcopy of their resume, this helps potential candidate's standout more to recruiters and employers. Our servers are dynamic supporting audio, video profiles, as long as your laptop is equipped with a microphone and camera.